West Wind Environmental
Systems (W.L.L)
240 Liter Roller Bin

These are Australian made bins injected mould to the rigorous European
quality standards using HDPE ( High Density Polyethylene ).

By using the long time proven method of injection mould with UV stabilized
HDPE, these bins offer a long maintenance free life. Injection moulding
provides inmoulded re-enforcement to areas of greatest stress in the bin.
The UV stabilized HDPE has a high quality smooth surface finish resistant to
chemicals and extreme temperatures.

Modern day collection services demand flexibility of containers. Mobile bins for
commercial and industrial uses Mobile bins tough enough to work on
construction sites. Mobile bins for use in the every day collection of refuse and
recycling. Our bins have all answers. Built to heavy duty standards, robust and
with the wall thickness to match, these bins do all the jobs.

  • Waste collection and
    Disposal from food

  • Waste collection and
    Disposal from
    Industrial centers.

  • Collection and
    Disposal of Waste &
    debris from
    construction sites.

  • Collection and
    Disposal of Hotel

  • Collection and
    Disposal of Waste
    from concrete mixing

  • Collection and
    Disposal of
    Domestic Wastes.

  • Collection and
    Disposal of various
    wastes such as fuel,
    contaminated soil,
    chemicals, Sewage
    hauling, Medical
    wastes etc.
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