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Compactor System

A new system of garbage collection now used is stationary compaction
machines for waste. All waste is kept in a 42 cu m. steel container until
collected by an automated truck at needed frequencies (i.e. once a week,
once in two weeks, etc.) depending upon the type of garbage collected. This
system, there again, reduces risk of accidental fire, pest control, security,
most of all odor. Presently, these systems are being used by major
operations like Military Camps, Hotels, large shopping malls, co- operatives
etc. and are increasingly becoming more popular due to its versatility
including Security.  

Further, our tough polyurethane Bins supplied, could be, if needed, secretly
coded with inserted electronic chips to identify that the same Bins are being
used daily in and out of building, and whenever opted for placement for
security reasons.

For more information  please contact any of our representatives who is
capable of answering any of your queries.

Business, commercial and industrial customers with high volume, low-
density waste materials are often best served by stationary compactors in
tandem with roll-off containers.

Depending on the material, four to five times as much waste can be handled
with a compactor system, thus reducing the frequency of collections & costs.
The high capacity compactors used in this waste collection system are
engineered to be left on customer premises and can be hand-fed, chute-fed
or hopper fed. While most compactors are located outdoors, they are also
suited for built in installations where waste is deposited into an indoor
hopper, then compressed into the main storage container outside the
building, freeing valuable floor space. Full storage containers are replaced
with empty ones on a pre-determined regular schedule. West Wind stationary
compactor systems let you safely, easily store wastes as they accumulate.
Since both compactors are totally enclosed, wastes are secure and
inaccessible. Furthermore, containers with no leakage, are odor and rodent
proof. As wastes are stored in all-steel boxes, the risks of fire hazards are
greatly reduced as well.

Advantages of Using Our Compactor System:
  • Sanitary – All waste is kept in a single, closed receptacle until it is
    collected by automated trucks.
  • Reduces Fire Hazard – Depositing waste in a closed, all steel
    container helps diminish the likely hood of accidental fires.
  • Saves Labour – Workers dump wastes into a large, conveniently
    located container…no bags to fuss with, no mess to clean up.
  • Helps Pest Control- With waste enclosed in a covered steel container,
    insects, rodents and other pests are less likely to be attracted.
  • Versatile – With containers available in a wide variety of sizes, West
    Wind can meet your every waste disposal needs.

  • Waste collection and
    Disposal from food

  • Waste collection and
    Disposal from
    Industrial centers.

  • Collection and
    Disposal of Waste &
    debris from
    construction sites.

  • Collection and
    Disposal of Hotel

  • Collection and
    Disposal of Waste
    from concrete mixing

  • Collection and
    Disposal of
    Domestic Wastes.

  • Collection and
    Disposal of various
    wastes such as fuel,
    contaminated soil,
    chemicals, Sewage
    hauling, Medical
    wastes etc.
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