West Wind Environmental
Systems (W.L.L)
Rear end loader / Front end loader

REL -  Real End Loader

This truck type is a versatile one. It  services containers for various fast food
services as well as other types of industry (commercial and private). You may
have noticed this type of truck running on the road with a driver and two

2 cubic Meter
3 cubic Meter
4 cubic Meter
6 cubic Meter (With lid available)
8 cubic Meter
10 cubic Meter

FEL -  Front End Loader

The system is a one man operation from inside the truck, which saves
valuable time and costs. This service is currently concentrated on fast food
service industries such as Mc Donald's, Burger King, Pizza Hut etc. Where
container pickup time is critical. Charges vary depending upon location and
frequency. Container sizes available consist of :

4 cubic meter
6 cubic meter
8 cubic meter
10 cubic meter

  • Waste collection and
    Disposal from food

  • Waste collection and
    Disposal from
    Industrial centers.

  • Collection and
    Disposal of Waste &
    debris from
    construction sites.

  • Collection and
    Disposal of Hotel

  • Collection and
    Disposal of Waste
    from concrete mixing

  • Collection and
    Disposal of
    Domestic Wastes.

  • Collection and
    Disposal of various
    wastes such as fuel,
    contaminated soil,
    chemicals, Sewage
    hauling, Medical
    wastes etc.
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