Health and Safety Measures for Drivers

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  • Driver must always carry their current valid driving license and I.D. card.
  • The vehicle must be inspected daily for proper operation by workshop
    staff and the driver before leaving Camp.
  • Ground rules require alarms for backing of vehicles especially in
    congested areas to ensure that vision is not impaired and have the truck
    helper guide the driver.
  • All traffic signs including posted speed limits and parking signs must be
    observed & obeyed.
  • Before and during operating the vehicle the driver must be sober (alcohol
    free) and be well rested.
  • The use of cell phones while operating a vehicle is prohibited.
  • It is prohibited to allow passengers to travel in the cargo area of any
  • All accidents that occur while on duty, regardless of severity, must be
    reported immediately to the Operation Manager.
  • Any cargo must be secured in a manner which prevents it from falling
    from or shifting on the vehicle when subjected to the forces which would
    occur with the ‘performance criteria’.
  • Cargo must be secured or contained to ensure that it will not leak, spill,
    blow, fall from, fall through, or, otherwise become dislodged from the
    vehicle; or shift within the vehicle to such an extent that the vehicles
    stability is adversely affected.
  • Drivers who are involved in the collection & removal of hazardous waste
    material will be advised by the Operations supervisor of the product, its
    nature, and the consequences if exposed to same and the potential
    health effects thereafter. They are also advised of the immediate first Aid
    measures to be taken. Written information regarding this is available if

Fire and Explosion:

In case of fire, it is recommended that the fire extinguisher is used immediately.
If the fire is too mush to handle the Fire brigade should be summoned
Useful Nos.  to have at all times.

Fire                    -777
Ambulance      -472 2000 / 472 3000
Police               -100 / 105