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Staff & Personnel
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We provide proper Personal Protective Equipment based on hazards for all our
employees. All employees are required to wear blue overalls, safety boots,
gloves& caps (or helmets if required).

Smoking is strictly not permitted during working hours or in their
rooms. We furnish and maintain suitable metal butt cans for our employee’s use
outside the offices and in their quarters.   

A sufficient number of fire extinguishers for protection are provided in all the work
areas of the company. All fire extinguishers are inspected periodically and our
personnel properly trained in the use of fire extinguishers, and understand the
responsibilities connected with the subject.  Frequent inspections of theirs
quarters and the kitchen are carried out to ensure the safety and cleanliness.  All
our Employees are insured by Oriental insurance Co.

                           PREVENTIVE MEASURES

  • Personal Protective equipment: especially in case of handling hazardous
  • Gloves……….Chemical resistant gloves with long cuff that will overlap
    the long sleeves should be worn when handling this waste.
  • Mask………..Should be worn if danger of dust, vapour smell etc. is likely
    to be encountered.
  • Eyes………..If necessary, splash proof safety goggles or face shield to
    be worn especially by welders.
  • Footwear…... Safety boots.
  • Clothing……Overall’s with long sleeves to be worn preferably of cotton
  • Other……….Regular eye wash, showers, and use of face & hand creams
    as protective measures.